Global TravEpiNet has created a series of web-based tools for travelers and healthcare providers.

Travelers' Rapid Health Information Portal (TRhIP)
A tool for travelers to prepare for trips abroad.

Pre-Travel Providers' Rapid Evaluation Portal (Pre-Travel PREP)
A tool for healthcare providers providing pre-travel health advice to an international traveler.

Heading Home Healthy
A program supported by Global TravEpiNet, Massachusetts General Hospital and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help travelers stay healthy when they are returning home to visit friends and relatives.


Healthy Travel Habits
How to stay healthy during a trip overseas.

Healthy Travel Checklist
A video about how to prepare for a healthy international trip.

Heading Home Healthy
A short video about the Heading Home Healthy program.

General Advice for Travelers

International Travel with Infants and Children

Travelers with Specific Needs

Conveyance and Transportation Issues