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About the Program

The Massachusetts General Hospital Mycobacterial Center is a program of the Division of Infectious Diseases dedicated to providing the highest level of cross-disciplinary care to patients living with mycobacterial diseases, including tuberculosis (TB), non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) such as mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) and Hansen’s disease (formerly known as leprosy).

As part of our center, we have access to full diagnostic laboratory and radiographic facilities on-site, including microbiological and histopathological evaluations. We work closely with other subspecialists at Mass General who are often involved in the care of patients with mycobacterial diseases, such as pulmonary specialists, thoracic surgeons, dermatologists, pathologists and neurologists. We tailor our care and the need for additional subspecialty care according to the needs of our individual patients.

For Referring Providers

All referrals to the Mass General Mycobacterial Center are reviewed in detail. They should be made by a physician and include appropriate records for review.

All medical records should be sent to our office prior to the scheduled appointment via fax at 617-726-7653. A copy of all x-rays, CT scans and any other radiology studies must be sent in advance of the appointment.

Our Staff

The center is staffed by a team of physicians trained in infectious disease with extensive experience and expertise in the diagnosis, evaluation and management of mycobacterial diseases. Our team also includes nurse practitioners and nursing staff who are experienced in the management of our patients, including intravenous (IV) antibiotics which may be required in some cases.

We recognize the individual complexities involved in the care of individuals living with mycobacterial diseases and work closely with other medical and surgical subspecialists (e.g. pulmonary, thoracic surgery, dermatology, physical therapy) to formulate individual care plans best suited to the needs of each one of our patients.