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    The Morning-Report Syndrome and Medical Search

    In many teaching hospitals around the country, the medical resident's morning report, presented to the department chairman or to his delegate, is the intellectual highlight of the day. Work rounds have been completed, the problems of patients have been assessed, and while interns and students scurry about performing procedures and gathering data, the residents retire to a seminar room to sip coffee, eat doughnuts, and engage in graduate clinical education.

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    Path to Lifestyle Change

    The Mass General Diabetes Center and AllWays Health Partners are pleased to announce an exciting new program, the PATH TO LIFESTYLE CHANGE. This program is designed to help you lose weight and delay or prevent type 2 diabetes.

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    How a Medical Mystery Launched a New Avenue of Osteoporosis Research

    Bone health specialists typically spend their time trying to figure how to slow or stop the bone loss that leads to osteoporosis. What if they could find a new way to stimulate the growth of new bone tissue instead? With support from the Department of Medicine’s Pathways Consult Service and two students from Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital endocrinologist Marc Wein, MD, PhD, is now exploring this intriguing new avenue of research.

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