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    • continuing medical education

    Midlife Womens Health CME 20212021-05-14

    Midlife Women’s Health 2021 provides a multi-disciplinary approach to the care of menopausal women. This is a virtual conference with live-streamed interactive Q&A and expert panel sessions

    • patient education

    Direct-to-Consumer and Consumer-Initiated Genetic Testing: What Can I Learn from a DNA Test?2021-02-23

    Join genetic counselors Renée Pelletier and Deanna Brockman to learn about the advantages and limitations of DTC and consumer-initiated genetic tests. They will also review the general history and current state of DTC and consumer-initiated genetic tests, explore resources for additional information and professional support, and discuss the MGH Preventive Genomics Clinic – a new clinic which aims to empower patients to better understand, predict, and prevent disease using genetic information.

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