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For more than half a century, the Laboratory of Computer Science (LCS) at Massachusetts General Hospital has been transforming health care delivery through biomedical informatics research and the rapid development of innovative health information systems. LCS advancements have enabled Mass General and other hospitals to provide better, more efficient service and have improved patient outcomes and quality of care.

Founded in 1964 by Dr. G. Octo Barnett, LCS played an active role in shaping the modern health informatics field. LCS is the birthplace of MUMPS (Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System) programming language, which remains the basis of clinical systems at many large hospitals today, and was involved in the development of some of the earliest electronic medical records and clinical systems.

Current projects in the lab explore novel applications of computer technology to enhance patient engagement, information management, decision support, provider workflows, medical education and clinical research.

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Partnerships and Collaborations

LCS specializes in the rapid development of novel, scalable health information technologies that facilitate better, more efficient delivery of care. LCS-developed programs are widely in use and supported throughout Mass General and Mass General Brigham. Partnerships and collaborations allow LCS to expand current projects, explore new developments and make technologies commercially available to the broader health care community while maintaining a focus on innovation.

LCS works with a diverse group of stakeholders in health care, technology, and academic fields on both short-term projects and ongoing ventures.

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Research Projects

Projects at the Laboratory of Computer Science (LCS) are designed to address a variety of health care needs and workflows, including:

  • Clinical research
  • Decision support
  • Documentation/Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  • Learning systems
  • Mobile health
  • Patient engagement
  • Population health management
  • Clinical workflow solutions

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Apprentice is a web-based, workflow-oriented platform for comprehensive inpatient management. It is designed to increase productivity and safety in inpatient settings, while providing the framework for patient-oriented communication between providers. Learn more

The Center for Quality & Safety

The Center for Quality & Safety (CQS) supports Massachusetts General Hospital and the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (MGPO) in their goal of creating the highest quality, safest care environment for staff and patients. The interdisciplinary team of clinicians, data analysts, researchers, project managers and informatics professionals serves as an institutional resource to further Mass General’s goal of leading the nation in quality and safety. In collaboration with LCS, the CQS Applied Informatics Group researches, develops and implements analytic platforms to aid Mass General and the MGPO in their quality and safety goals. Learn more

Discharge Express

Discharge Express (DEx) is an online discharge summary application for inpatient admissions that has reduced the need for dictated and transcribed discharge summaries while enabling more complete and accurate documentation. Learn more


DXplain is an informed decision support program that uses a set of clinical findings to explain the manifestation of disease. Learn more


eBridge is a web-based, mobile-enabled application for fully electronic inpatient documentation. Harnessing the Apprentice framework, it integrates real-time patient data with common note templates to make documentation faster, easier and more accurate. Learn more

The Hub

The Hub is a dynamic knowledge management system for hospitals. It combines the capabilities of traditional document management and collaborative work platforms with powerful educational tools and workflow integration. Learn more


iHealthSpace is a patient engagement platform that allows clinical practices, researchers and other groups to create an integrated, customized online experience. Users can harness a variety of native applications or leverage iHealthSpace’s connected and secure framework to support external applications. Learn more

The Information Management Unit of the Clinical Research Program

A collaboration between LCS and the Clinical Research Program (CRP), the Information Management Unit helps to formulate strategic direction in information systems supporting the CRP mission to increase the quality, quantity and efficiency of translating basic scientific advances into improved care for patients. The collaboration has produced a variety of tools that help researchers and study volunteers, including RSVP for Health and the Research Patient Data Registry. Learn more


MasterMed is an ongoing project that explores whether an interactive, game-like educational tool can increase patient medication knowledge and adherence. Learn more

MGH Access

MGH Access is a mobile platform that provides a streamlined way for providers and patients to connect to Mass General services and clinicians while on the go. It facilitates referrals and inpatient transfers from the convenience of a smart phone. Learn more


Mojo is an easy-to-use mobile app that provides Mass General physicians with rapid, secure access to electronic health records and clinical data on their iPhone or iPad. Learn more


Oncall is a web-based electronic health record and clinical systems platform that provides portability, shareability and aggregation of clinical data. It takes advantage of flexible, shared vocabularies and compartmentalized information to present information in a meaningful, actionable format. Common data is seamlessly shared, while “brands” allow unique software, services and presentations to support the varying needs and workflows of individual departments. Learn more

Practice Management Services

Practice Management Services help to streamline clinical workflows. Dictation shifts the burden of documentation using natural language processing. Scanning incorporates paper documents into electronic health records in a way that is easily searchable and readily accessible. Automated faxing simplifies outgoing data workflows like prescription renewals and records requests, saving practices time and money. Learn more

Primary Care Office InSite

Primary Care Office InSite (PCOI) is a nexus of information that serves the needs of primary care providers directly at the point of care. Learn more


Quicksilver is a hybrid between e-mail and instant messaging that provides just-in-time patient-oriented messaging, results reporting and clinical communications to health care providers. Learn more


Smart-Booking uses an automated, algorithmic model to predict appointment no-shows and optimize booking while minimizing the burden on providers. Learn more


Sprout is a data collection framework specifically designed to support health care needs and workflows by making it easier to convert patient-supplied data into clinically relevant information. Learn more


TopCare is a powerful population health management solution that leads to meaningful clinical transformations. It addresses challenges and bridges gaps in care with real-time data and analytics, dynamic decision support, patient-centered case management and a flexible platform for team collaboration.


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