About Ellen Silvius, RN, BSN

Ellen Silvius is the dedicated Nurse Navigator for the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Center and in her role, serves as the primary point of contact for all of our patients. Ellen’s most recent role was Nurse Manager in outpatient pediatrics at the Mass General for Children. Ellen oversaw the Hematology/Oncology clinic on Yawkey 8 and the Pediatric Phlebotomy team on Yawkey 6 for eight years. She actively engages the solid relationships and networks formed during this time to facilitate care of the Sickle Cell patients at Mass General.

Prior to her Nurse Manager role in outpatient pediatrics, Ellen worked as a staff and Resource Nurse in the GI department for twelve years. Ellen’s experience as a nurse is varied and extensive. She has worked in pediatric oncology, labor and delivery, research, GI, and six years in a chronic pain clinic. She has volunteered on numerous Medical Missions in the Dominican Republic and was part of the Mass General Task Force response after the 2004 Indonesian tsunami. Each of these experiences has shaped and informed her practice. She has an innate desire to work with underserved populations. The core of Ellen’s motivation is patient safety and patient advocacy. She views the patient from that lens and has a commitment to do whatever is possible to see they receive the best possible care.