Anesthesia & the Ether Dome

In October 16, 1846, in an operating theater at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. William T.G. Morton performed a startling public demonstration.

Mass General for Children

The Children’s Medical Service at Mass General was founded in 1910. Today Mass General for Children is a full-service pediatric hospital.

Neurosurgery Department

The early history of Mass General is reviewed with emphasis on the development of neurological surgery.

Pathology Department

The rich history of pathology at Mass General goes back to soon after the founding of the hospital in 1811, when limited autopsies were done by physicians and surgeons.

Social Service

In the early 1900's, the social work movement in America created many programs and services that we largely take for granted today.

Urology Department

Since 1911, Mass General's Urology Department has enjoyed a pre-eminent reputation throughout the world for excellence in the treatment of urologic disease. The service is composed of a patient care division, a teaching and education division and a research laboratory division.