About Alex Sherman, MS

Alex is the Director of the Center for Innovation and Biomedical Informatics (CIB) at the NCRI and a Principal Associate in Neurology at Harvard Medical School. The focus of Alex’s work and research is the conception, design, development of technology, platforms, infrastructure, and methods for collaborative clinical research and optimization of clinical research in disease-specific networks.

Alex’s CIB team has introduced innovative breakthrough concepts and products like NeuroBANK®, a patient-centric research platform and accelerated research environment, utilized by hundreds of investigators at 80+ clinical sites in 14 countries; PRO-ACT™, a harmonized anonymized dataset from 23 ALS clinical trials that is an invaluable resource for the design of future clinical trials and the identification of unique observations, novel correlations and biomarkers of ALS; and The SigNET (NeuroGUID) Platform for unique and secure patient identification across the research continuum.

All three platforms have won the Best Practice Award from Bio-IT World Congress in Precision and Translational Medicine category in 2013, 2016, 2018, and 2020, as “outstanding examples of how technology innovations and strategic initiatives can be powerful forces for change in the life sciences, from basic biomedical research to drug development and beyond.”

Alex’s research also focuses on patient empowerment, developing a system of incentives and supporting technologies to secure collaboration, integration, harmonization and sharing of clinical and research information by all clinical research enterprise participants.

Alex served on the NINDS Common Data Elements committee, is the Chair of the Big Data committee of NEALS ALS consortium and is a founding Board Member of ALD Connect consortium. Mr. Sherman holds Master of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering and graduated from a doctorate program in Nuclear Engineering.

For more information, please visit https://www.data4cures.org