At the NCRI we provide core comprehensive clinical trial infrastructure services to our collaborators. These include:

NeuroTherapeutics Consultations

We are happy to consult with researchers or trialists interested in initiating research projects, and/or using NCRI services.  For these consultations, we draw from our broad expertise in all aspects of clinical trial design, operations, data management, and contracting to assist those seeking advice. 

Trial Design

NCRI trialists provide expert clinical trial design to enhance trial power, optimize results and ensure acceptability of a trial for participants.

Project Management

NCRI project management helps plan and manage the operations and regulatory aspects of complex research projects.

Central IRB

We have established a central IRB with existing reliance agreements with scores of academic trial sites and simple means for adding new sites.  This structure provides more effective and efficient ethics and compliance oversight.

Electronic Data Capture

We offer longitudinal, repeatable and scalable data collection systems for projects of all sizes.

Data Management

Today’s research generates larger and more complex data sets than ever before.  Our data management group ensures trial data is correct, clean, and high quality.

Site Management

The NCRI site operations team is responsible for the direct conduct of clinical trials in compliance with research protocols and is involved in the recruitment and retention of research participants. The site team consists of physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, nurses and clinical research coordinators.

Budgeting and Contracting

Our experienced budget and contract team manage all aspects of sponsored awards, allowing investigators to focus on their research.

Our work also includes:

  • Mapping the clinical development of potential therapies
  • Custom design of clinical research protocols
  • Bringing efficiency strategies and infrastructure to clinical research
  • Providing resources, experienced staff, and services to accelerate the conduct of clinical research
  • Fostering and empowering scientific collaboration
  • Creating partnerships among scientific leaders with complementary backgrounds
  • Establishing and managing disease-specific research consortia
  • Performing high quality site-level clinical research
  • Educating and mentoring future leaders in the field of clinical research
  • Encouraging scientific innovation through funding