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Alice Flaherty

Alice Flaherty, MD, PHD

  • Associate Professor of Neurology,
    Associate Professor of Psychiatry,
    Harvard Medical School
  • Associate in Neurology,
    Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Director,
    Movement Disorders Fellowship Program



Research Description

Dr. Flaherty's research focuses on how our brains represent our bodies, a factor that helps drive suffering in depression, Parkinson’s, and somatoform disorders. She currently heads the MGH Neurology’s Brain Stimulator Unit, where she uses deep brain stimulators to treat psychiatric as well as neurological disease.  She was the site principle investigator for the trial of the first successful genetic treatment of Parkinson's Disease.

Research Lab

Research interests Stroke, Depression, Parkinson’s, somatoform disorders
Research techniques fMRI
Diseases studied Parkinson’s disease, tremors, dystonias and depressions
Selected publications
  1. Shields DC, Flaherty AW, Eskandar EN, Williams ZM. Ventral intermediate thalamic stimulation for monoclonal gammopathy-associated tremor: case report. Neurosurgery. 2011 May; 68(5):E1464-7.
  2. Lewitt PA, Rezai AR, Leehey MA, Ojemann SG, Flaherty AW, Eskandar EN, Kostyk SK, Thomas K, Sarkar A, Siddiqui MS, Tatter SB, Schwalb JM, Poston KL, Henderson JM, Kurlan RM, Richard IH, Van Meter L, Sapan CV, During MJ, Kaplitt MG, Feigin A. AAV2-GAD gene therapy for advanced Parkinson's disease: a double-blind, sham-surgery controlled, randomised trial. Lancet Neurol. 2011 Apr; 10(4):309-19.
  3. Flaherty AW. Brain illness and creativity: mechanisms and treatment risks. Can J Psychiatry. 2011 Mar; 56(3):132-43.
  4. Ducharme S, Flaherty AW, Seiner SJ, Dougherty DD, Morales OG. Temporary interruption of deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease during outpatient electroconvulsive therapy for major depression: a novel treatment strategy. J Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci. 2011; 23(2):194-7.
  5. Quinn DK, Flaherty AW, Herman JB, Kleinschmidt TL. Over the rainbow: a case of traumatic brain injury. Harv Rev Psychiatry. 2010; 18(1):56-66.

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For more information please visit Dr. Flaherty's research lab website.  

Lab mailing address Massachusetts General Hospital
55 Fruit Street
Boston, MA 02110
E-mail Alice W. Flaherty, MD, PhD
Clinical interests Parkinson’s disease, tremors, dystonias and depressions
Clinical address Massachusetts General Hospital
Neurology, Suite 835
Wang Ambulatory Care Center
55 Fruit Street
Boston, MA 02114 USA
Clinical website address Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Clinic


Updated 1/25/2012

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