Mass General has over 20 years of experience enabling access to best-in-class technology and remote specialty care to patients across 80+ hospitals and 100+ telehealth consult programs implemented. We license our internally developed TeleHealth Portal, white labeled for your organization, to empower you with a standardized and seamless mechanism to manage operations and quality of your system-level approach to specialty care access, resource distribution and patient retention across your region.

Our system features:

  • Allow specialists to document their notes under the highest standards of clinical care followed at Mass General
  • Allow teams to manage their network hierarchically and through role-based access to information
  • Enable easy access to videoconference, radiology, and other technologies, as well as to clinical protocols and educational materials
  • Incorporate decision support tools that alert consultants if warnings, diagnoses, contraindications, or times conflict with the plan of care, and then dynamically incorporates useful tools such as a tPA bolus calculator
  • Enable service recipients to securely retrieve the note and transfer it to the local EHR or automatically leverage API-enabled EHR integrations
  • Enable both providers and recipients to visualize their operation and run analytic reports to ensure quality, efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, value, and sustainability
  • Support spoke hospital process compliance by enabling the easy completion and delivery of preliminary, signed consultation reports
  • Receive notifications of technology or operational events and incidents
  • Enable critical administrative tasks, such as the analysis of volumes, dispositions, incidents, and other variables that feed financial decisions

Furthermore, Mass General also makes available any operational, financial, regulatory, and clinical protocols and materials that you may need to ensure your operation has all the chances of succeeding and is deployed swiftly or optimized from its current state.

Additional Benefits

Your TeleHealth Service partnership includes a number of operational, technical and regulatory benefits, and our hybrid model offers flexible options like overnight coverage in cases where 24/7 TeleNeurology isn’t necessary.

  • Successful operational models of inter-hospital consults workflow management and support
  • Review your system-level performance to optimize patient triage to the most appropriate care setting or facility, leveraging the right telehealth modality for the right use case, such as live or asynchronous consults and online transfer request management
  • Assist in selecting appropriate technologies by leveraging Mass General’s experience with commercial vendors
  • Leverage state of the art but inexpensive designs of videoconference solutions and infrastructure including the highest value telemedicine cart designs available in the market
  • Replicate optimal radiology image transfer infrastructure designs, including the consumption of outside services
  • Ensure a scalable technology approach that minimizes workflow variations for different clinical services
  • Integrate the Mass General TeleHealth Consult Portal with your EHR
Finance and Regulatory
  • Standard SOPs and templates for contracting, credentialing and regulatory compliance
  • Customizable Fair Market Value (FMV) pricing frameworks
  • Tested compensation models for your specialty physicians that you can adjust as need
Hybrid License and Clinical Services

You may also be interested in leveraging the efficiencies of remote care to the benefit of the patients in your region but may wonder whether your bench of specialists is deep enough to sustain your own operation. Mass General offers a hybrid configuration where you build your own program on our experience and decide what is your preference for the involvement of your local specialists. For example, having them provide the daytime coverage to your TeleNeurology or TeleICU program may be your preferred route. And at night, you may leverage remote coverage from Mass General specialists, all integrated into the operational and technology frameworks that ensure consistency and satisfaction on the receiving end. For further information on additional clinical areas of expertise, please see the Mass General Center for TeleHealth.