Dr. Hung participated in a boxing program one of his patient attends regularly. See the note we received below:

"I wanted to drop a note to tell you what a superstar you have on your staff. My very close relative is under Dr. Hung's care. As you may recall, shortly after the patient was diagnosed with Parkinson's I wrote to you for a referral which, ironically, ended up being in your office.

The patient has been attending the Rock Steady boxing program every week for a few years and benefits greatly from it, both physically and socially. The patient has been after Dr. Hung to attend for quite some time and Dr. Hung finally agreed to come. I flew in to be there for the event as it was a very big deal to the folks who run and participate in this program. Not only did Dr. Hung attend, he participated and completed the full one-hour workout! It is a grueling workout for every level of ability. I think it is extraordinary that he took time out of what I imagine is a very busy schedule to see first-hand what his (and other doctors') patients are finding to be very helpful.

Dr. Hung gave a short inspirational talk to the group at the end of the class and encouraged them to continue with their efforts. It was a morale booster for the people with PD and for the family members who attended with them today. To say it meant a lot is an understatement. So, I hope you will recognize him for being exceptional!

I hope and pray that a cure is found for this cruel illness or, at the very least, I hope that medications with more longevity and efficacy are in the pipeline. Please keep up the work you are all doing. It makes an immeasurable difference in the lives of so many people."