“When in distress, every man becomes our neighbor.” Those words were penned by MGH founders more than two centuries ago, yet they continue to ring true today. Clinicians, researchers, students and staff travel the world to provide care, comfort and education to those in need. Here, Hotline highlights just some of the people and efforts happening in Uganda.

Training for tomorrow
MGH Global Health offers two innovative initiatives for physicians – a four-year Global Medicine Residency Program and a year-long Global Medicine Fellowship – aimed at building meaningful partnerships, impacting the health of communities both locally and globally, and developing future leaders to advance health equity.

Expanding reach
The MGH has partnered with the Mbarara University of Science and Technology for more than a decade to enhance patient care and support local clinicians in managing a diverse range of medical conditions. Recently the partnership expanded to include nursing mentorship and education through the innovative MGH Global Nursing Fellowship, in which MGH nurse-fellows travel to low-resourced settings to provide classroom instruction and guidance on clinical units to foster both professional development and excellence in clinical practice.

Compassionate competition
On Aug. 26-27, the fifth annual Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech) Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon will bring together engineers, clinicians, students and designers to brainstorm to identify and create prototype solutions and business models to address clinical challenges related to neonatal and maternal health.

Progressive entrepreneurship
The five-day HopeNet Health Fair provides free screening for HIV, non-communicable diseases and cervical cancer for the Nyakabare population. Hosted every two years, the fair also allows researchers to track and measure the illnesses and to study how access to clean water and livelihood interventions – such as measuring the impact of small-scale chicken farming operations – impact economic, health and social outcomes.

More MGH in Uganda

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This article was originally published in the 08/18/17 Hotline issue.