“Law enforcement is about helping people. If you’re not all about helping people, then this is not the career path for you,” said Dan Coleman, Investigative and Intelligence manager for MGH Police, Security and Outside Services, while addressing a group of YMCA Teen Achievers Aug. 10.

Dianne Austin, Workforce Diversity Program manager, said this year’s program was selected to share with the teens a different perspective about police work as it relates
to health care and provide an opportunity to explore a side of Police and Security
rarely seen.

Following Coleman’s presentation about special investigations, technology and social media, students toured the Dispatch Center. Matthew Thomas, CPP,  Training, Development and Communications specialist, spoke with the group about operations and noted the MGH has the largest integrated security system of any hospital in the country. Many students expressed surprise that MGH Police and Security not only monitors and protects the hospital community, but also collaborates with the Boston Police Department. 

Thomas said he hopes the students learned more about different professions within a hospital and he enjoyed sharing his own experiences with them. “I got to interact with people I don’t encounter daily.  To be able to spend four to five hours with kids, to leave a little bit of a lasting impression and to be the cause of that impression, is the greatest feeling.” 

This article was originally published in the 08/18/17 Hotline issue.