Since 2000, the MGH Child Protection Program (CPP) has been a resource for hospital staff and affiliates, families and the community in navigating issues of child abuse and neglect. The CPP is committed to providing all clinicians who care for children with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide support and services to children and their families in suspected cases of child abuse and neglect. 

The CPP’s multidisciplinary team is made up of doctors, social workers and a psychologist. Staff can contact the MGH Child Protection Consultation Team by paging 32728.

Services include:

  • Child Protection Consultation Team
  • Education and training
  • Community collaboration
  • Policy and program development
  • Research

Consultations provide:

  • Supportive discussion of the case and expert recommendations
  • Education about child maltreatment
  • Assistance in determining appropriate response/ intervention
  • Advice regarding thresholds for mandated reporting
  • Assistance with the reporting process
  • Advocacy with Department of Children and Families and other community partners

Consultation may include the CPP social worker and/or the CPP physician. A medical consultation will specifically be considered when there is a question about the diagnosis or medical management of any type of suspected abuse.

"There is a lot of discomfort when dealing with these situations," says Alice Newton, MD, FAAP, CPP medical director. "Child maltreatment is the last thing people want to think about, but the worst thing to sit with alone."

To show support for Child Abuse Awareness month, MGH employees are invited to "Go blue!" April 12 all day, hospital-wide wear blue to show support.

This article was originally published in the 04/05/19 Hotline issue.