The MGH Environmental Services Department has begun implementing the new MGH Space Reservation System to reserve conference rooms throughout the hospital’s main campus. The first 10 rooms are completed and will be going live with the new booking system starting Nov. 19. They are:

  • Blake 160 (O’Keeffe Auditorium)
  • Blake 190 (Haber Auditorium)
  • Thier 101
  • Yawkey 2210
  • Yawkey 2230
  • Yawkey 4810
  • Yawkey 4820
  • Yawkey 4910
  • Yawkey 4930
  • Yawkey 4940

Employees previously authorized to book these conference rooms will have administrative permissions transferred to the new system. Staff who would like to become an administrator may contact

To book conference rooms, view instructional videos or for more information, visit

The next phase of implementation will include the addition of about 40 conference rooms throughout the MGH. These rooms are expected to transfer by next spring.

For additional questions or information, contact

This article was originally published in the 11/16/18 Hotline issue.