The Mass General Brigham Biobank is hosting a seminar on Nightingale Health’s multi-biomarker metabolic profiling panel. The purpose of the seminar is to gauge interest within the MGB research community in a proposal to generate biomarker data for 65,000 Biobank participants using Nightingale Health’s technology.

Nightingale Health has developed a platform for multi-biomarker metabolic profiling. The platform is based on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and enables comprehensive profiling of metabolic biomarkers in blood samples with high throughput and accuracy.

The Nightingale platform covers 249 measures of lipoprotein lipids, fatty acids, and small molecules such as amino acids, ketones, and glycolysis metabolites. These biomarkers can be associated with phenotype and genomic data to determine prevalence, incidence, and other health information for many common diseases.  Other large biobanks, such as the UK Biobank, have been using this panel to further research into diabetes, heart disease, dementia, cancers, and other diseases.

The availability of a large biomarker data set, when associated with the genomic and phenotypic data already available through the Biobank, could further bolster research activities at Mass General Brigham. As we plan this initiative, we need to better understand the interest within the MGB research community.

About the Mass General Brigham Biobank: The Mass General Brigham Biobank is research infrastructure that provides Mass General Brigham investigators with blood samples and genomic data (genotyping, exome sequencing and whole genome sequencing) for more than 130,000 consented participants. The Biobank has served more than 500 unique studies with samples and/or genomic data. The Biobank is considering running the Nightingale platform on 65,000 of its participants in order to increase the dataset available to the research community.

Seminar: The seminar is scheduled for Monday April 24 at noon, and will feature Jeff Barrett, the Chief Scientific Officer of Nightingale Health.

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