As the MGH celebrates Patient Experience Week April 22-26, it is important to recognize that every employee, regardless of their role, shapes the patient experience.

The MGH icare model, presented by the Office of Patient Experience, reminds MGH employees they are all responsible for fostering a warm, welcoming environment and to strive always for excellence in interactions. Whether providing patient care directly or indirectly, every staff member impacts the patient experience, and consistently embracing the elements of the icare model helps to leave a lasting impression.

-I communicate in a warm and welcoming manner.

-I advocate on behalf of patients, families, colleagues and myself.

-I respect and embrace differing values, opinions and viewpoints.

-I empathize and acknowledge the feelings of others.

Supporting the MGH’s mission statement, “guided by the needs of our patients and their families,” the Office of Patient Experience is available to help those in need.

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