Massachusetts General Hospital researchers Jeannie T. Lee, MD, PhD, Maurizio Fava, MD, and Rudolph Tanzi, PhD, have been elected as members of the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) for their ongoing contributions to health and medicine and their sought-after expertise and leadership.

Election to the NAM is considered one of the highest honors in health and medicine and recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding professional achievement and commitment to service.

Jeannie Lee, PhD

Dr. Lee, a physician-scientist in the Department of Molecular Biology, and a pofessor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, was elected for contributions that have been central to understanding the roles of non-coding RNA in gene reputation.

Dr. Lee uses X-chromosome inactivation as a model for extensive transcription of non-coding RN to uncover potential therapeutics to treat human diseases, including autism spectrum disorders, Rett Syndrome and Fragile X Syndrome.

"Being elected to the NAM is a tremendous honor, especially alongside my MGH colleagues, Drs. Fava and Tanzi," says Lee.“I want to thank my wonderful colleagues in the Department of Molecular Biology and the MGH for their support and the many trainees who have contributed to the science in our lab over the last two decades."

Maurizio Fava, MD

Dr. Fava, the psychiatrist-in-chief in the Department of Psychiatry at Mass General, and a professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, was elected for his contributions to developing novel antidepressant compounds throughout his career. Over the past 10 fiscal years, Dr. Fava has received over $110 million in research funding, and has co-authored over 900 original articles, with 100,00 citations and an H index of over 150.

"Absolutely delighted to learn today that I was elected to the National Academy of Medicine. I want to thank all my colleagues at Mass General Hospital for their support over the years and the National Academy of Medicine for this honor, says Fava. “Being elected with my Mass General colleagues Drs. Lee and Tanzi is a true privilege, as this is one of the highest honors in the field of health and medicine."

Rudy Tanzi, PhD

Dr. Tanzi, an investigator in the Department of Neurology at Mass General, and a professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, was elected for being a pioneer and world leader in Alzheimer's disease (AD), research, neurogenetics and translating pathogenetic mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative diseases into novel therapeutics.

Dr. Tanzi has discovered numerous AD genes, including the first three, and developed the first complete human brain organoid model of AD, greatly accelerating drug discovery and a path to therapeutics.

"I am honored and humbled to be elected to the National Academy of Medicine, along with my esteemed MGH colleagues, Dr. Fava and Dr. Lee," says Tanzi. "I want to express my sincere gratitude to my team members in the Genetics and Aging Research Unit and the McCance Center for Brain Health and to my many MGH mentors over the years for their amazing guidance throughout my career.

This prestigious honor reminds us that all of the research we do is only to help and serve humankind.

Rudy Tanzi, PhD
Department of Neurology

Drs. Lee, Fava and Tanzi were among the 90 regular and 10 international new members that the NAM announced during its recent selection process.

Current members elect new members through a process that recognizes individuals who have made major contributions to the advancement of the medical sciences, health care, and public health. 

MGH has now 41 elected members of the National Academy of Medicine. 

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