Marianna Bei, DMD, PhD 
Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School and a Scientific Investigator at Shriners Hospital for Children

There is only one person who comes to mind and that is my mother, who is my role model in life. My mother’s passion for the classics made her an outstanding high school principal. She was a leader in education and was beloved by her numerous students whose lives were shaped by her energetic and constructive mentoring. My mother’s dedication to her work, the joy of learning and teaching, the devotion to her home and family, and her continuous effort to excel in both roles, made her the most influential person in my life. She taught me to be authentic, passionate about my choices in life, to follow my dreams, to be true to myself and to follow a path that makes me happy.

“It is all about the ride,” she used to say, “it is how your actions improve someone’s life” and “you are what you give.” In my own experience as a woman who chose to serve in health care, to teach and be a mother, there is nothing more rewarding than to improve, to give, to nurture someone’s mind and to heal.