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    ruth-sleepers-legacy-honored-in-suite-dedication. ruth-sleepers-legacy-honored-in-suite-dedication. “There’s always more to see, more to learn and more to do to improve both care and cure.” Quoting MGH nursing pioneer Ruth Sleeper, Debbie

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    The lasting symptoms among COVID-19 long haulers

    The lasting symptoms among COVID-19 long haulers. The lasting symptoms among COVID-19 long haulers. Key Takeaways • COVID-19 patients were classified as ‘long haulers’ when symptoms persisted more than six weeks after infection. • Long

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    Formula Shortage Resources and Options

    Many new parents are currently experiencing the significant shortage of infant formula that will likely take months before it is fully resolved. But in the meantime, parents and caregivers still need to find safe and healthy human milk or formula to feed their babies.

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    conversations-mental-health-gilman-medical-marjiuana. conversations-mental-health-gilman-medical-marjiuana. As we all attempt to find our new normal after years of pandemic living, it’s evident that this will involve an immense societal need to

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    New Therapy for Cerebral ALD Recommended for Approval

    Last week, the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Cellular, Tissue, and Gene Therapies Advisory Committee (CTGTAC) unanimously endorsed a new therapy for early active cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy (CALD).

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    making-the-case-adding-kidney-emoju. making-the-case-adding-kidney-emoju. Can you remember the last emoji you used today? Over 10 million emojis are sent as part of our daily digital interactions. They have become an interactive addition to our

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    Striving for Equitable Birth Outcomes Through Doula Care

    Allison Bryant Mantha, MD, MPH, maternal-fetal medicine specialist in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at Massachusetts General Hospital and senior medical director for Health Equity at Mass General Brigham, helped to develop a proposal aimed at closing the gap in obstetric outcomes (including maternal morbidity, rate of cesarean deliveries among first time mothers and breastfeeding) for women at risk of adverse outcomes: Striving Towards Equity in Obstetric Outcomes Through Cultural and Language Concordant Doula Care.

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