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    • patient education

    Información Para Médicos

    La siguiente lista de verificación le ayudará a planificar los exámenes de salud y recursos que se recomiendan para bebés con síndrome de Down.

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    A Familiar Place with Heart

    Nurses can be many things to their patients. A caregiver. A friend. A warrior. A lifesaver. A companion. An inspiration. For Megan Buckley, RN, and her father, Frank Buckley, nurses are all these things.

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    Post-Pandemic Anxiety: Feeling Stressed as Things Return to Normal

    As COVID-19 vaccinations roll out across the U.S. and states begin lifting various restrictions, many have begun thinking and dreaming of life post-COVID. And while the thought of gathering with family and friends again, traveling and getting back to loved activities can feel joyful, many are surprised to also feel stressed and anxious about the “return to normal.”

    • staff story


    in-memoriam-van-cott. in-memoriam-van-cott. Dear MGH Pathology colleagues, We are writing to share the terribly sad news that our dear colleague, Dr. Betsy Van Cott, passed away yesterday morning. Betsy was known, respected and cherished by so many

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    Improving Treatment-Related Bowel Changes Through Nutrition

    Many cancer treatments cause changes in bowel movements and frequency. In this webinar led by clinical dietitians Samantha Bateman and Meagan Currell, you'll learn how to improve constipation and diarrhea with changes in your diet.

    • patient education

    Lung Cancer Initiative

    The Lung Cancer Initiative, supported by the Division of Thoracic Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, is an initiative that brings medical experts together with the shared goal of furthering education, conversation and coordinated action around the topic of lung cancer.

    • press release

    Researchers identify protein “signature” of severe COVID-19

    Researchers identify protein “signature” of severe COVID-19. Researchers identify protein “signature” of severe COVID-19. Key Takeaways • Patients with COVID-19 produce a distinctive pattern of proteins. • Researchers identified more than

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