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    joung-jan-2020. joung-jan-2020. Keith Joung, MD, PhD, of the Center for Computational and Integrative Biology and Department of Pathology, was recognized as the inaugural incumbent of the Robert B. Colvin Endowed Chair in Pathology, the first endowed

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    January 2020

    January 2020. January 2020. The Awards and Honors newsletter features recent awards and honors recognizing our talented and dedicated MGH staff and employees. Stephen J. Bartels, MD, director of the MGH Mongan

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    signs. signs. What are Signs of Turner Syndrome? Turner syndrome (TS) affects women and girls differently. Some have all of the signs, while some have only a few. Some signs of TS include: • Height that is usually under five feet tall • Droopy

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    heart-and-aorta-imaging-what-to-expect. heart-and-aorta-imaging-what-to-expect. You or your child has been asked to have testing to image (make pictures of) the heart and/or aorta (or both). In this handout, you will learn what to expect from the

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    health-challenges. health-challenges. What are Some Health Challenges That Can Come with Turner Syndrome? People with TS do well despite the health challenges that come with TS. Some include: • Delayed puberty • High blood pressure • Diabetes

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    tips-to-prevent-childhood-obesity. tips-to-prevent-childhood-obesity. Childhood obesity is a disease that affects 18 out of every 100 children in the United States. Obesity is a true disease caused by a problem with the body’s hunger and fullness

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    sindrome-de-down-trisomia-21. sindrome-de-down-trisomia-21. ¿Qué Es La Trisomía 21? El síndrome de Down trisomía 21 sucede cuando una copia adicional del cromosoma 21 se encuentra presente en todas las células del cuerpo. • Los cromosomas

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    health-insurance-what-you-need-to-know. health-insurance-what-you-need-to-know. About Your Health Insurance • Health insurance allows you to get the medical care you need. You can get health insurance through your job or through the state you live

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