The Mass General Well-Being Collaborative–a multidisciplinary group with members from Nursing and Patient Care Services, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), MGPO, Center for Faculty Development and the Center for Physician Well-Being–formed this past year to help address and support the well-being of hospital staff. Here we share three vital resources created by the group:

Apollo Well-Being Website:

The Employee Well-Being Work-Life Resources site on Apollo, the Mass General intranet, helps employees find the support they need when they need it. It is a one-stop centralized resource for the hospital’s many well-being initiatives for all employees. Visit the site for peer support, self-guided support, disability and accessibility resources, transportation information and much more.

Buddy Program:

The Buddy Program connects employees to each other to help protect against the isolation many are feeling and enhance social connections at work. Through this program, you and your paired buddy connect by text, phone or video to catch up and connect. Program buddies can be cross-discipline, cross-departmental or peers in your department, and it allows participants to share their experiences and stories and to build community at work.

Going Home Checklist:

The Going Home Checklist is an aid for employees to make an easier transition from a work mindset to a home mindset, using a brief checklist. The checklist is available for all interested employees in two ways: badge tags and printable posters for workspaces.

Visit Apollo and click on the Well-Being tab, then expand the Support for Individuals section to find the Buddy Program Interest Form, and the PDF and badge request for the Going Home Checklist.