​​The Peer Support Program provides timely and confidential support to any Mass General employee who experiences a stressful situation, such as a patient death, unexpected patient event or other traumatic event related to patient care. The program connects affected caregivers with trained Peer Supporters to facilitate emotional healing and resiliency in the aftermath of such an event. Support is empathetic, non-judgmental and strictly confidential. Peer Supporters normalize the experience, share coping skills and provide resource information for additional support and/or treatment.

Visit https://apollo.massgeneral.org/peersupport/ to learn more.

To request Peer Support, please click the link to the Peer Support Request Form found in the Safety Reporting System Mass General. Once you submit your request, a Peer Support Lead will match you with a Peer Supporter who best matches your professional background and stated preferences. The Peer Supporter will reach out as soon as possible to set up a time to speak.
Mass General Psychiatry Clinician Access for Referrals and Employee Support (Psychiatry CARES) Clinic:

This service provides brief virtual individual mental health sessions for all employees at the Mass General and Mass General–affiliated hospitals who are experiencing high levels of stress, trauma or bereavement because of the impact of providing COVID-related care. Psychiatry CARES offers 1 to 3 virtual sessions with a skilled psychologist to help identify concerns and support staff through this crisis period, with further referral available if needed–including for medication evaluation to help with stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression, and/or longer-term psychological treatments. Call 617-724-7150 to learn more and request an appointment.