The Spiritual Care Department provides spiritual care that is respectful of and attentive to the diverse world views, backgrounds and life experiences of staff. Their team helps staff draw on their unique beliefs, spiritual practices and faith traditions for coping and healing following stressful events, including patients and families with challenging behaviors, a patient death, or the death of a colleague. They create supportive spaces through Resiliency Rounds, Tea for the Soul, Mindful Meditation and faith-specific meetings. These gatherings offer time and space for staff to process their thoughts and feelings; experience solace and renewal in times of moral distress; learn brief spiritual practices for stressful situations; and have a safe space to receive care.

Mass General Spiritual Care is available 24/7 to staff of all beliefs and those of no religious affiliation. To reach the on-call Spiritual Care Provider, please page #27302, or call 617-726-2220.

Prayer at Times of Adversity
I think over again my small adventures
                My fears,
Those small ones that seemed so big,
           For all the vital things
           I had to get and reach.
And yet there is only one great thing,
           The only thing,
To live to see the great day that dawns
     And the light that fills the world.

- Inuit Prayer