What started out as a thank you to staff at the start of the pandemic is now a seasonal tradition for Enid Cruz, a customer service representative in MGH Mail Services.

In May 2020, Cruz crafted her first set of wreaths to honor all hospital employees for their bravery and commitment to patients and their colleagues. They were so popular that she decided to continue decorating the mailroom to mark holidays and changing seasons.

“People always ask me what I’m making next,” Cruz says. “They come to the mailroom just to see what I’ve done! It’s been really positive for everyone.”

This year’s display follows a “Let it Snow” theme and includes colors and symbols from a variety of cultures and holidays.

“Enid has a talent for putting together seasonal displays and decorations,” says Jim Burns, operations manager in Mail Services. “This comes at a time when people may be feeling stressed from the ongoing pandemic and holiday season. By transforming our mail center into a winter wonderland, Enid is able to spread good cheer to the MGH community and brighten people’s days.”

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