Affordable Housing – LOI application process is now closed.

The first priority to be addressed by an Allocation Committee is Housing. MGH is poised to award $18M dollars in Community Health Impact Funds to support affordable housing initiatives using the following strategies:

  • Production, acquisition, and preservation of Affordable Housing
    • e.g.: fund housing trust funds, community land trusts, provide no or low-cost capital (can be revolving).
  • Supportive activities for Affordable Housing
    • e.g.: Advocacy of public and private funding for production of affordable housing; support of fair housing and local zoning reform; support of transitional housing; support of management of affordable housing.
  • Eviction Prevention
    • e.g.: Policy advocacy for the prevention of eviction; and Creation of resources for residents at risk of displacement

This funding can be used to jumpstart projects or add to existing funds.

The Letter of Intent (LOI) application process is now closed.

If you submitted an LOI, a notification has been emailed to you regarding whether your proposal has been selected to move on to the next stage of the application process.  The strongest submissions have been invited to submit a full proposal.

Visit Timeline and Important Dates for more details.