Massachusetts General Hospital has embarked on a multi-year construction project that will result in a magnificent state-of-the-art clinical care building along Cambridge Street. This facility will both strengthen the hospital’s ability to provide exceptional care as well as energize and enliven this vital nexus of Boston’s West End and Beacon Hill communities.

This new facility will enable the Mass General to:

  • Address the growing demands for delivering the highest level of care and services
  • Alleviate ongoing capacity challenges in the hospital’s Emergency Department and inpatient units
  • Accommodate new and rapidly evolving technologies
  • Enable the consolidation and organization of related services
  • Create a comfortable, efficient and positive healing environment for patients and families
  • Prepare for patient surges related to disease outbreaks or natural- or human-made disasters

The front of this new Mass General building will extend along Cambridge Street, providing a welcoming, attractive and lively entry point into the hospital for patients, families, staff and the public. The facility be situated entirely on Mass General's campus, on a parcel framed by Cambridge, North Grove, Parkman and Blossom streets.

The clinical care facility that will rise up in the years ahead will become home to the Mass General Cancer Center and the Corrigan Minehan Heart Center. It will include 482 single-bed inpatient rooms located in the two towers. These new rooms will enable Mass General to decommission outmoded space in older hospital facilities and convert double inpatient rooms in into single-patient rooms. Single rooms are the standard for hospital care today.

The new building will also feature spacious operating/interventional and procedural rooms, imaging facilities, infusion rooms, exam rooms and clinical support space for pharmacy and dietary. It will include an education center and auditorium. Six levels of underground parking will accommodate 864 vehicles for patients and families only—no staff parking—replacing the spaces currently in the outdated Parkman Garage, which will be demolished. In addition, the facility will provide parking space for 566 bicycles.