J. Kennedy, MD, is an emergency medicine resident at Massachusetts General Hospital. He and his wife gave birth to their first daughter with the Mass General Midwifery Service.

Dr. Kennedy is a part of the Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency. He will finish his training in 2019.

Q: Why did you choose the Mass General Midwifery Service?

A: As an emergency medicine resident, I had the pleasure of learning about perinatal care firsthand from the Midwifery Service. I saw how professional, empathetic and dedicated they were to my entire family throughout the birthing process. I've rotated though and worked with many other midwife and OB departments in Boston, but I knew that when it came time for me to start a family, these were the people I wanted around.

Q: What was your labor and delivery experience at Mass General like?  

A: Alongside the excellent midwives are the fantastic labor and delivery nurses. The entire culture of the Labor & Delivery floor is very mother and family friendly.

As a physician, I can't help but notice that the working relationship between the nurses, midwife and physician staff is one of the best in what is already a very high-functioning hospital. This is no accident. The midwives are approachable, reliable, thoughtful and empathetic professionals. The nurses trust them, and they trust the excellent nurses—the result is often a fantastic birth experience for everyone involved.

Q: How did you feel about your experience with the midwifery team?

A: My wife felt very comfortable throughout the entire process. We appreciated that the midwife group provided the option to both maintain continuity of care with one midwife during the prenatal period, but also allowed for a few appointments to meet with other midwives given the unpredictability of who may be on the Labor & Delivery floor during the actual birth.

Also, the range of acceptable birth plans and the flexibility of the staff was amazing. We felt like the entire process was a team effort. We were working hand-in-hand, with everyone looking forward to the goal of a happy and healthy baby at the end.

Q: If you were telling a friend about the Mass General Midwifery Service, what would you say?

A: I would consider moving to Boston so that you can start your family with the Mass General Midwifery Service! It has definitely influenced our career plans and how we've thought about when to have our second child.

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