The Vincent Center for Reproductive Biology provides an environment that exposes clinicians to an integrated clinical and basic research program. 

Laboratory Equipment

There are numerous projects ongoing within the Vincent Center for Reproductive Biology (VCRB) with emphasis on ovarian and uterine cancer, fetal/maternal interactions, menopause, infertility, and ovarian cell signaling.

Our goal is to provide each clinical research fellow with the opportunity to design, implement and critically review basic research projects on clinically important topics.

Moreover, we encourage all fellows to present their findings in local and international meetings. While you are encouraged to be involved in multiple projects, each fellow has his/her own unique project designed to generate a publication, which will be defended at the end of the fellowship as required.

The research opportunities at the VCRB are not limited to oncology or reproductive endocrinology, and we are currently recruiting fellows from other disciplines to participate in our program.

All clinical research fellows work side by side with visiting scientists, postdoctoral fellows and students who are here to gain further knowledge in basic and clinical sciences related to reproduction.

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities available in this program, please contact us.

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Please note: We only accept applicants through the ERAS System or from ACGME-approved Residency Programs.