The mission of the new Foot & Ankle Store at Mass General Waltham is to provide orthopedic care for patients and their families for any condition “below the knee.” Located alongside the MGH-NWH Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Center and the MGH Waltham Physical Therapy center, the store provides patients access to high-quality medical products, as well as footwear to meet their foot and ankle needs – whether they have had surgery or are simply seeking a foot and ankle consultation.

“While MGH has long prided itself for its world class foot and ankle care, we find that patients often struggle to find the equipment they need for recovery, be it a specialized running shoe or a knee-scooter for after surgery,” says Christopher DiGiovanni, MD, chief of the Mass General Foot & Ankle Service. “Medical supply stores often are hard to find and difficult to reach, and the online landscape is inconsistent in quality and often means waiting weeks for an order. The MGH Foot & Ankle Store is specifically designed to meet the clinical requirements and expectations of our diverse patient population, as well as the community, right at the point of care.”


The area is divided into three sections:

--Medical products and accessories, including mobility aides, podiatric supplies, driving adapters, cold therapy and compression socks.

--Athletic, dress and casual footwear addressing foot and ankle conditions such as flat feet, high arches and painful ankles.

--Off-the-shelf orthotics and in-house 3D printing of custom orthotics, which will be offered in the near future.


“All of the products have been individually vetted and hand-selected by MGH foot and ankle care providers to ensure appropriate choices,” says DiGiovanni. “Whether undergoing an ankle replacement or finding a shoe for the Boston Marathon, patients can find all they need under one roof.”

All proceeds from the Foot & Ankle Store will be used to support the clinical, educational and research missions of the MGH and its Foot & Ankle Service for the benefit of patients and improving care.

The store is located at MGH Waltham, 52 Second Ave, first floor. For more information visit,

From the 09/01/17 Hotline issue.