Pathways Consult Service

Discovering insights into the causes of disease through the close investigation of a single patient.

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How much can we learn about human biology from studying a single patient? What findings, using insights gained at the bedside, can help devise scientific questions to study at the lab bench? How might we bring these findings back to the bedside to create medical advancements for other patients with similar disease processes? The Pathways Consult Service aims to discover new insights into the unifying mechanisms and underlying biology of disease through the close examination of a single patient with unexplained symptoms.


Pathways Consult

During a Pathways consult, a team of residents devote two weeks to investigating the pathophysiology of a single patient’s unexplained symptoms, and propose ways to harness new technologies like next-generation DNA sequencing, induced pluripotent cell culture, and proteomics to discover the underlying mechanisms of disease. We aim to bring these discoveries back to the clinic to help our patients and those whose disorders share similar disease pathways.

The Pathways Consult Service provides an unparalleled educational experience to the residents, promotes cutting-edge scientific research, and has the potential to tangibly improve the health status of patients at Mass General and beyond.

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Pathways Consult Service

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