Phillips House at Mass General

The Premium rooms on Phillips are located in the heart of Massachusetts General Hospital, yet tucked away from the ordinary hospital sounds and distractions that keep you from getting the rest you need. Patients who choose this service receive the same high-quality care unique to all Mass General patients, while enjoying special amenities and services, each designed with your recovery and relaxation in mind.

Offering sweeping views of the Charles River and Boston city skyline, each private room is appointed with modern touches and amenities to create a more spa-like ambiance.

  • Spacious dimensions and furnishings for the comfort of patients and guests
  • Fine linens
  • Spa inspired private bath and shower
  • Premium toiletries
  • Chef-planned menu that offers a wide variety of made-to-order meals for you and your guest
  • Fully stocked private fridge with snacks and refreshments upon request

Reserving a Premium Room at Phillips House

To choose Phillips House Premium for your inpatient care, you must:

  • Receive a referral from your physician or another provider
  • Require a hospital stay based on medical need
  • Understand the additional costs associated with these accommodations are not covered by insurance and will require an $800/night out of pocket fee
  • Understand that even if requested, there may be situations where the room is unavailable. We will make every effort to accommodate requests for these rooms.

The Phillips House Premium rooms may not be suitable for all types of inpatient care. You can discuss with your Mass General physician whether our facilities are an appropriate choice for you.