Massachusetts General Hospital Visiting

The Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Academy recently launched Massachusetts General Hospital Visiting. This new program is aimed at helping underserved and understaffed health care facilities around the country meet the mental health care needs of their patients.

Mass General is internationally recognized for its excellence in clinical care, and this one-of-a-kind program matches faculty, fellows and senior residents from Mass General with health care facilities of all sizes. These experts provide clinical support, interim leadership assistance and consultation on clinical and financial strategies.

The goals of the Visiting program are to help hospitals improve outcomes and reduce risk. The Visiting program allows hospitals of all sizes to provide the best possible physicians, education and leadership through direct access to physicians and psychologists trained at Mass General and Harvard Medical School. Participating hospitals can work one-on-one with these experts to develop plans that meet their unique needs and challenges.

Services Offered by Massachusetts General Hospital Visiting

Mass General Visiting offers four types of services:

Provisional Clinical Services – Mass General staff serve on-site in psychiatry departments or hospitals to help treat patients, supervise medical students or assist with staff development.

TeleHealth – Mass General staff help meet patient care demands remotely through phone or video conferencing. These services can be used to manage patients, triage emergencies and cover clinician shortages.

Interim Leadership – Short-term leadership aid, conducted either on-site or remotely. This can provide support for clinical care, staff development, departmental leadership and quality improvement.

Clinical and Financial Consultation – This service focuses on improving the quality of mental health care in many settings. Our staff can help launch service lines, improve revenue, aid positioning for grants and launch efforts that improve quality.

To learn more about this program, visit the Mass General Visiting web page. To learn more about using the program and associated fees, contact program director Shauna Futch by phone at 617-620-3063 or email at

Visit the Mass General Psychiatry Academy website to learn more about the other education programs we offer.