Snapshot of Science
Snapshot of Science

August 2019

Identifying parental tobacco use in pediatric visits, intranasal imaging without sedation, the genetic underpinnings of daytime sleepiness and more.

July 2019

New potential therapies for glioblastoma, healthy versus pathological aging, associations between paternal age and offspring risk for psychiatric disorders and more.

June 2019

Socioeconomic status associates with heart health, antibodies are transferred from mother to child, identifying passenger hotspots in cancer and more.

May 2019

Identifying critical regions of viral proteins in HIV, the impact of job satisfaction, genetic triggers of mitral valve prolapse and more.

April 2019

A new method for calculating a genetic risk score for obesity, visualizing the efficacy of personalized cancer treatments, insights into elite controllers of HIV and more.

March 2019

Genetic links to insomnia and sleep duration, evaluating the risks of overlapping surgeries, assessing parental vaping policies in homes and cars and more.

February 2019

Poor sleep linked to heart disease, increased synaptic pruning found to be associated with schizophrenia, a new promising treatment for triple-negative breast cancer and more.

January 2019

The effect climate change has on health, links between physical activity and depression, how immune cells in the gut affect metabolism and more.

December 2018

Uncovering risk factors for ADHD, new insights into primordial DNA, discovering epigenetic differences in people with schizophrenia and more.

November 2018

Using neural activity of patients with paralysis to control a tablet computer, understanding the origin of seizures, risks with minimally invasive hysterectomies and more.

October 2018

Improving the psychosocial management of patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, investigating the connections between genetic variation and veteran health, and more.

September 2018

Stimulating the brain to mimic the benefits of exercise, insights into youth e-cigarette preferences, and understanding the brain mechanisms behind risk and decision making.

August 2018

A rare type of cell is linked to cystic fibrosis, insights into modifiers of Huntington disease, investigating the use of circulating RNAs for heart disease and much more.

July 2018

Read about genetic insights into our food choices, new diagnostic device for lymphoma and more.

June 2018

Learn about identifying the genetic roots of cholera, studying the impact of sleep on heart health in teens, and more.

May 2018

Researchers are dissecting the RNA copying process, developing a better understanding of human language, and much more.

April 2018

New insights into the impact of exercise on heart health, resistance to glioma treatment, HIV-infected macrophages, and much more.

March 2018

New research on regulators of tumor growth in pediatric tumors, treatments for mitochondrial disease, the neurocognitive effects of proton radiotherapy and much more.

February 2018

New research on the benefits and harms of e-cigarettes, identification of a genetic defect that may cause a rare movement disorder, a new MRI method, and much more.

January 2018

New research on the mechanisms involved in the human immune response, identification of blood markers that indicate a dangerous narrowing of the heart valve, and much more.

December 2017

New investigations into the communication between bone cells and tumor cells in lung cancer, a computational method for identifying new cancer genes and looking at readmission rates after surgery for peripheral artery disease, among others.

November 2017

New investigations into the potential benefit of fiber for patients with colorectal cancer, the discovery of a viral response after a heart attack, and and lots more.

October 2017

New research on novel approaches to targeted cancer treatments, identification of genes that help protect the gut and and lots more.

September 2017

New studies on detecting cancer genes and mutations, identifying blood and kidney cell types in zebrafish, the neuroimmunology of traumatic brain injury and lots more.

August 2017

New insights to the effect that allergens have on the nervous system, an optical sensor that could be used to monitor patients on anticoagulant medications, and a non-invasive imaging technique for measuring the stiffness of tumors, plus lots more.

July 2017

A community resource map to support childhood obesity prevention efforts, a potential new target for inhibiting tuberculosis, and new insights on the ways in which cancer spreads throughout the body, plus lots more.

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