Keith Lillemoe, MD, Chief of the Department of Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital and the W. Gerald Austen Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School, is among eight Harvard Medical School members who will be joining the National Academy of Medicine (NAM). This is one of the highest honors in the field of health and medicine. Members elected into NAM have demonstrated outstanding professional achievements and commitment to service.

Dr. Lillemoe has been recognized for his work as a surgical leader and educator who has enhanced patient care, surgical quality and safety.

Since May 2011, Dr. Lillemoe has been the Surgeon-in-Chief at Mass General. He’s served as a visiting professor over 70 times and has spoken nationally and internationally at over 300 events. His clinical interests include invasive pancreatic cancer, pre-cancerous pancreatic tumor growths and benign pancreatic disorders and biliary tract injuries.

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