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    Comprehensive Care for All Patients During COVID-19

    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital continues to provide safe and high quality care for our patients. We recommend that patients keep scheduled clinic appointments, unless ill, or if their doctor advises otherwise.

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    Accidental Window Falls: Overview

    All children can be at risk of an accidental window fall. Children under 5 age and boys have the highest risk of an accidental window fall. Learn about accidental window falls.

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    Winter Safety Tips

    With winter’s chilly weather comes the need to stay warm and safe. Learn tips to help you keep you and your family safe during the winter. You will also learn ideas for what to put in an emergency kit for your home and car.

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    Tips to Prevent Drowning

    Drowning is leading cause of unintentional injury and death in children ages 0-14 in Massachusetts. Here are some tips for preventing drowning when your children go for a swim.

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    Preventing Burns

    Burns can be very serious injuries, but they can also be prevented in many cases. Get tips on how to prevent burns, what are common sources of burns and how to help if your child does get burned.

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    Accidental Window Falls: Prevention

    When the weather is warmer, it is important to make sure your children are safe around open windows. Learn how to prevent accidental window falls when your children play around windows.

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