Over the past few weeks, people have asked how they can provide assistance and support to the hospital community. One way they can do so is to help keep the blood supply strong and sustainable.

The Mass General Blood Donor Center is encouraging healthy individuals to donate and help maintain a consistent supply of whole blood and platelets over the upcoming weeks and months. Both employees and others are invited to donate.

If you wish to donate, the Blood Donor Center asks that you schedule an appointment. There are several ways to do so:

For platelet donations, please allow about two hours for the appointment.

Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive an email confirmation listing the date and time for donation. You MUST bring this confirmation with you so that you will be allowed into the hospital. Security officers will be unable to allow you to come to your appointment without it. All appointments have to enter the front entrance (White Building, 55 Fruit Street) of the hospital with the email proof of confirmation.

Safe, Healthy Waiting Areas

It is very important to schedule these appointments so that we can provide a safe and healthy waiting area for donors. Unlike walk-in donations, scheduling allows us to have adequate physical distancing for our donors so that everyone feels comfortable. It also allows the Blood Donor Center to limit the crowding that comes with walk-in donations, which we cannot process at this time, and gives us time to disinfect the space between donors.

Blood donations will continue to be needed over the upcoming weeks and months, and we encourage all who are able to schedule an appointment whenever possible. We want to thank you for your support of the hospital and hope to see you in the Blood Donor Center.