Resilience is not an inborn trait, but a skill that is learned through engagement with friends, family, other important relationships, and the community. Resilience is also learned through awareness and becoming attuned to knowing your feelings, behavior, attitudes, and how they impact yourself and others. In this Massachusetts General Hospital Blum Center presentation from May 9, 2022, Eugene (Gene) Beresin, MD, MA, of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at MGfC, shares how parents, families, and caregivers can understand the signs of depression, stress, and suicide in young people, as well as guidelines for caregivers and youth on how to prevent these serious conditions. Beresin also shares when these conditions cannot be prevented, how early intervention can be helpful, and what public mental health education can do to help families, young people, and caregivers learn more about psychiatric disorders and the psychosocial issues that contribute to them.

This program is a collaboration between the Maxwell & Eleanor Blum Patient and Family Learning Center and Mass General for Children.