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Past Blum Center Programs

The Blum Center hosts virtual educational programs several times each month for patients and families, focused on a variety of health care topics. Take a look at a selection of our featured programs below.

Eating Disorders: Overview and Treatment

Video  •  Feb 28, 2024
Evelyna Kambanis, PhD, discusses eating disorders, including treatment options and resources.

Hearing Loss, Hearing Aids, and Tinnitus

Video  •  Feb 7, 2024
Elliott Kozin, MD, discusses common topics related to hearing loss, including hearing aids and tinnitus.

Genes, Family Trees, and Complex Disease

Video  •  Jan 29, 2024
Courtney Gwynne, MS, CGC, discusses genetics and testing, family history, and the connection between genes, environment, and diseases.

Grief and Spiritual Reality of Loss

Video  •  Jan 23, 2024
The Mass General Spiritual Care Department explores grief — significant and everyday loss — as part of our spiritual experience.