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Past Blum Center Programs

The Blum Center hosts virtual educational programs several times each month for patients and families, focused on a variety of health care topics. Take a look at a selection of our featured programs below.

Sickle Cell Disease: A Portrait of Racism in the American Healthcare System

Video  •  Jun 18, 2024
The Comprehensive Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Center Team review SCD treatments and the intrinsic racism that has limited patient care.

I Have a Family Member with Dementia. Am I at Risk?

Video  •  Jun 10, 2024
Diane Lucente, MS, CGC, explores dementia, the role of genetic testing, and how genetic testing has evolved over time.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Video  •  May 14, 202
Jonathan Hausmann, MD, gives an overview of fibromyalgia and the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.

Mental Health Care for Kids with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Video  •  May 13, 2024
Molly Colvin, PhD, ABPP, discusses the impact of neurodevelopmental disorders on youth and families and shares healthy child development tips.