The Cancer Center’s Story Project is an effort to capture stories from our community of patients, friends, family, clinicians, and staff who have been affected by cancer in some way. This is Kerri's Story.

  • Kerri Molloy has worked at the Cancer Center for 8 years. She’s an administrative coordinator on the 7th and 9th floors of the Yawkey Building.
  • "I have the best job in the world."

Patient Interaction

”We don’t have as much, I was in a scheduling role but then I switched to the administrative coordinator. So if a scheduler needs help or assistance we can come out and help the patient at the front desk. You know, if a patient is just frustrated because they’ve waited so long they can call us and we can come in and figure out what needs to be taken care of."

How Has Your Life Changed Since Working in the Cancer Center?

“It’s funny because everyone says it’s so sad. First thing is, that I have the best job in the whole world. Second thing is, the patients themselves, as sick as they are, are more worried about you and your day then actually them. It makes you take into account how short life is. In 30 seconds, your life can change. It really puts things into perspective and they make you smile every day.”

What Do You Like About Working Here?

"The care. The compassion. I’ve been a patient at Mass General since the day I was born, so I have a low medical record [number]. My husband has actually been very sick and he had a quadruple bypass surgery here, he had a hip replacement here, he had three hernia surgeries here, and he’s doing fabulous! Just the care and the compassion is so great. I can’t say enough about how great everybody is. Within the cancer center, the nurses and everybody work so hard. Everyone from the front desk to the back of the house works extremely hard and is very caring. Like I said, I have the best job in the world."

"I think that it’s very nerve wracking when you’re sick and there’s so many hospitals that you can choose from. Knowing that as an employee, my family has come here, the care is amazing. My husband actually had perforated his colon in 2010. We could not get here because of the traffic. We had to go to the South Shore and I said, ‘Can we please go to Mass General?’ and they’re like ‘we only have 30 minutes or he will die.’ So, he saw an attending physician at the Brigham, so it’s part of Partners. And do you know that at least once a month [the doctor at Brigham] will email me to make sure everything is okay? So within the Partners family, I think that everyone is caring and compassionate."

"They just have this ability to make people feel at ease. We’re all so busy. We always say that everyone’s so busy, but if you look at it from the outside in, then you would never think they were that busy, especially when they are with a patient. They take their time and focus on just that one patient that feels like they’re the only person in the world. Many patients have told me ‘Kerri, look at this waiting room and I feel like I’m the only one here.’”

I have the best job in the world.

Kerri Molloy

This interview took place October 25th, 2016 and has been edited for clarity.