Cancer During COVID-19

We are here for you, just as we have always been here for you. We offer you, still, the best chance for the best outcome and a commitment to your safety and to the safety of our clinicians and staff.
Pediatric oncology nurses
Pediatric oncology nurses
Stay Mighty, Mass General Cancer Center! Meaghan Carnell, a pediatric oncology nurse, and her nurse colleagues have some reassuring words for us.

Stay Mighty, Mass General Cancer Center!

When times are tough, it's important to stay strong, mighty, and supportive for yourself and for others. We have seen pure physical, emotional, and mental strength from so many people over the last few months and are in awe of everyone. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see all of the inspirational stories that we share of our patients and staff.

When in distress, every man becomes our neighbor.

John Warren, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital founder

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how each of us interacts with the outside world, including getting the healthcare we need. Mass General Cancer Center is here to help and make sure you get necessary care. You all are our neighbors.


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