Berklee College of Music students have the opportunity to participate in full-time or part-time internships at the Mass General Cancer Center.


Massachusetts General Hospital is a Berklee College of Music-affiliated Music Therapy internship site. It offers a six-month full-time internship or a nine-month part-time internship. Music Therapy interns will provide services in the following areas:

  • Pediatric Inpatient Units
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic
  • Cancer Center: Adult Infusion
  • Adult Oncology Inpatient Units
  • Proton Therapy Center
  • Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Unit
  • Howard Ulfelder, MD, Healing Garden


You must be a student at the Berklee College of Music. Potential candidates for this internship site must successfully demonstrate the following skills:

Personal Qualifications

  • Clear demeanor and character
  • Approachable and readable
  • Demonstrates empathetic qualities in balance with clinical situation
  • Body language, facial affect and spoken language are discernible and thoughtful

Communication Qualifications

  • Proficiency in both written and spoken English
  • Accepts constructive feedback from supervisor with a willingness to learn, respect for training evaluations, and regard toward the challenges of the music therapy training process
  • Understands differences of opinion and thoughtfully manages errors in judgment
  • Communicates with supervisors to make certain they understand training materials, assignments, and expectations

Musical Qualifications

  • Confident ability in playing I, IV, V & V7 chords in C, G, E, A & D Major and E, A & D minor on guitar
  • Confident ability in playing ii, iii and vi chords in C & G Major on guitar
  • Barre Chords - F Major, Bb Major, B minor
  • Stable and flexible strumming ability
  • Ability to hear a melody and be able to reproduce it vocally
  • Ability to hear a melody and be able to provide a solid, well-chosen harmony to it

Therapeutic Qualifications

  • Creates an enjoyable conversation based on learning about the patient’s music history, experiences and preferences
  • Ability to form an instant interest for the patient which captures their attention and engages the patient’s investment in music exploration and music relating
  • Ability to create genuine rapport with the patient and their family, whereby they feel safe to express themselves and to choose to engage in a music relationship

How to Apply

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Applications should be submitted at least six months prior to the intended start.

Step 1: If you are interested in applying for this internship, please fill out this form and one of our staff members will contact you.

Step 2: After speaking with a member of our staff, you will be asked to submit:

  • Letter of interest
  • Resume
  • Three letters of reference (one from a recent practicum supervisor)
  • Video link of you singing and playing guitar on your preferred song.
  • Video link of you singing and playing guitar on Twinkle in C and G.
  • Video link of you demonstrating your knowledge of I, IV, V, V7 in E as well as the F barre chord, B form barre chord and B minor barre chord.

Step 3: Upon receiving your application materials, the Music Therapy team at Mass General with evaluate your submissions. Potential candidates will hear back within three weeks, to then set up an in-person interview. If chosen for an interview, please be prepared to present with the following materials:

  • If you have a primary instrument different than guitar/voice, present a piece played with that instrument.
  • Present three additional songs on guitar and voice, one for an adult, teen, and young child.
  • Demonstrate chord progression knowledge in keys of C, G, E, A and D.
  • Play Twinkle, Twinkle in key of C and demonstrate ability to lead and follow musical cues while a staff member plays the drum/xylophone.
  • In mock session environment, demonstrate your ability to establish a working relationship with one of our staff members.