At Mass General Cancer Center, we are uniquely positioned to treat many different types of cancer among our adult and pediatric patient populations with the use of proton radiation therapy. This advanced form of radiation treatment can result in less severe side effects and play a significant role in our patients' cancer success stories.

Our investigators are at the forefront of the nation and the world in developing a robust and vigorous proton research and clinical trials program, with the hope of one day using proton therapy to treat all cancers from head to toe.

Explore real-life stories of individuals (and their loved ones) who have had cancer and have experienced the power of proton therapy at Mass General Cancer Center.

Proton Therapy for Breast Cancer Patients

Melissa Dupuis

Melissa Dupuis shares what it was like undergoing breast cancer treatment as a new mom during the pandemic, her experiences receiving proton therapy, and her outlook on life moving forward.

Watch Melissa share her story below, and read her full story here.

Treating Brain Tumors with Proton Radiation Therapy

Lindsay Strauss

Expectant mom Lindsay Strauss was preparing for a big life change: welcoming her first child. After suffering a grand mal seizure at 33 weeks pregnant, Lindsay was at the Mass General Cancer Center getting diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Watch Lindsay share her story below, and read her full story here.

Kent Taylor

Kent Taylor, Proton Therapy Patient
Kent Taylor

Kent Taylor thought seeing white spots and feeling dizzy was a result of moving his full-time teaching job online during the pandemic. But the reality was that he was facing a grade 4 glioblastoma. In terms of his treatment, he says, “Thank goodness MGH has proton radiation because the side effects aren’t as bad as regular photon radiation." Read Kent's full story.

Proton Therapy for Young Adult Cancer Patients

Erin Morrissey

Erin Morrissey, Proton Therapy Patient
Erin Morrissey

Ten days after college graduation, Erin Morrissey began her career as a clinical researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital, a dream job for someone aspiring to go to medical school. But a rare adrenocortical carcinoma diagnosis put a wrench in her plans. Discover more from Erin about working and living with cancer as a young adult. Read Erin's full story.