A toddler standing on her mother's lap holds a toy to her mouth while considering a different toy offered to her by Dr. Lauren Fiechtner.
At Mass General for Children, we are dedicated to providing patients and their families outstanding, personalized, and developmentally appropriate care from infancy through adolescence. Pediatric care is the beginning of the health care journey, and we are committed to providing world-class care for life with respect, inclusivity, and kindness. When you step through our doors, you and your child become a part of the MGfC family: our doctors, nurses, and care teams treat their patients as if they were their own children, and parents participate as partners in the healthcare process.

Mass General for Children’s community, care, and culture make it a clear standout in children’s healthcare, but don’t take our word for it. Read about the outstanding experiences four MGfC parents had and watch the videos below as they explain the exemplary care their families received.

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Darcy's Story

Darcy Daniels is a historian, writer, and mother of two. Her blog, Brave Fragile Warriors, addresses parenting kids with chronic illness. She loves that the hospital and staff do everything possible to make her and her child comfortable and cared for when her child is being seen at MGfC. She is also relieved to know that as her child grows, her care can be easily transitioned to the adult hospital, which is especially valuable since her child’s care is complex. To her, the pediatric hospital feels “intimate, like a family,” and she knows that when she comes to MGfC, the clinicians will take the time to explain things thoroughly and truly have the family’s best interests in mind when planning care.

Erin's Story

Erin Quinney is a mother of three children, two of whom have received care at Mass General for Children. She expresses her gratitude for Mass General for Children, saying, “My children have been treated at other hospitals but have truly only been cared for here.” As a result of the size and culture of MGfC, she has had the opportunity to develop strong and meaningful relationships with her children’s providers. Above all, she’s grateful for the care and support she and her family have received. “Every time I look at my kids, I’m thankful for the community that we have at Mass General for Children.”

Matthew's Story

Matthew McGuiness feels very lucky to have worked with Mass General and Mass General for Children during his daughter’s birth and through the entirety of her life to-date. He is extremely happy with the care his daughter has received at the hospital, through her time in the NICU, diagnosis with a rare medical condition, several hospitalizations, and a recent transplant procedure.


These videos were created thanks to the efforts of the Mass General for Children Family Advisory Council.