Why is Women’s History Month important to you?

Women’s History Month is important to me because of all the women in my life who continuously inspire and motivate me every single day. I am always surrounded by such strong women, pushing me and walking with me through my journey. It is important to me that those women be recognized and admired by others, not just me. They deserve it!

What do you like most about your job?

What I like most about my job is making children feel even a little better. Whenever I tell someone about my job, they always have the same reaction, which is “Oh my goodness, children in pain! That must be so sad.” Yes, seeing children in pain is sad, but the best part is being able to say “Yes, but I help them feel better.” It’s a great feeling making a kiddo smile when you walk into the room and get to help them feel better.

How can we encourage more women and girls to enter the sciences?

Every day, I notice more and more women at the bedside of my patients, taking care of them or helping them through their hospitalization. I notice the mothers, grandmothers, sisters and aunts – their families - at the bedside of my patients learning the lingo and making sure they understand everything going on. More and more women and girls are entering the sciences now, which is very encouraging. They are realizing every day how much they are worth and how much they can offer. We just need to keep reminding our littlest girls of that important fact!

What is one piece of advice you would give a woman entering the field of medicine and/or healthcare?

Always remember to take care of yourself. Being a healthcare professional, I realize a flaw I possess is trying to take care of others a lot more than I take care of myself. It’s important to remember to take time for yourself each day to maintain your mental and physical health.

Has there been an influential woman in your life who supported or inspired you on your journey into health care/medicine?

I have a LOT of influential women in my life, including all my aunts, cousins and second mothers, but if I had to pick someone who has supported and inspired me throughout my journey, I would have to pick two! My mother, Beth, and her mother, my grandmother, Pat. My mother has always supported me and taught me what it is to be a strong, independent person. She worked so hard to give me and my sister the lessons we learned and morals we have instilled in of us, and I am so grateful to her. My grandmother is also a nurse and has guided me throughout my journey into healthcare. She lets me vent, cry, get mad and feel all the emotions that come with a single day’s work of being a nurse. She’s also there to bring me back to reality through all those emotions. They’re both some of the best women you’ll ever meet.

Describe your journey into health care.

I’ve worked at Massachusetts General Hospital since 2012, starting as an administrative coordinator to Pediatric Anesthesia while putting myself through nursing school during nights and weekends. Once I graduated, I gained experience at a different children’s hospital, but hurried back to MGfC in 2016 in my current role.