With the current coronavirus pandemic and need for social distancing, we are using virtual visits to remain available to provide care for our patients.

What Are Virtual Visits?

Virtual visits are medical visits that are held via either phone or video call, allowing patients to get medical issues checked out without having to sit face-to-face with a provider. These visits allow patients to keep in touch with their care providers without having to make a trip into the office.

What Kind of Visits Can Be Held Virtually?

Virtual visits can be scheduled for most visits you’d normally have in the office. These include both regularly scheduled visits and sick visits that may come up at the last minute.

What Electronic Equipment Is Needed for a Virtual Visit?

For video visits, patients need to have either a smartphone or a computer with a microphone and a camera. One day prior to your virtual visit, we will send you a message via email, with instructions to prepare for your scheduled virtual visit by downloading the Zoom app, as well as instructions on how to join the virtual visit. You will need to identify yourself with your name at the visit.

What About Visits That Can’t Be Held Virtually?

While virtual visits are a convenient option for many appointments, they’re not suitable for every situation. For example, lab work, or imaging still must be done on-site. Infection control procedures are in place at all locations and safety is top priority.

How Can I Schedule a Virtual Visit?

Virtual visits can be scheduled like a regular visit. Call Patriot Pediatrics at 781-674-2900 to book an appointment and mention that you’d like the visit to be held virtually.

How Do You Prepare for a Virtual Visit

Have your child with you in a well-lit room that is as quiet and free of distractions as possible. Visits work best if you use your smart phone or computer with a camera and microphone. We’ll email you a link with your appointment time.


A virtual visit will be billed the same as the equivalent in-person visit, meaning that in the majority of cases, virtual visits will be covered by insurance. Co-pays may apply, and will vary depending on the insurance provider.