The Lurie Center provides comprehensive neuropsychological assessments tailored to the needs of each adult. Our goal is to help answer important questions about the adult’s skills and functioning. Our evaluations may provide information about general intellectual abilities, language, attention, executive functioning, memory, and learning. In addition, social, emotional, and behavioral functioning is addressed with the goal of better understanding each adult’s specific strengths and challenges.

The evaluation begins with an initial visit where the adult and family meet the clinician and discuss their specific goals for the evaluation. After the assessment is complete, a detailed report is provided describing the neuropsychological assessment results and recommendations. The report is designed to be shared with the family, service providers and other agencies. The clinician meets with the adult and their family to review the findings and recommendations and to answer any questions pertaining to the evaluation.

At this time, neuropsychological evaluations are provided at the Lurie Center only for patients being seen by other Lurie Center providers.

Guardianship evaluations, including completion of the Clinical Team Report or Medical Certificate, are offered for patients seen by other providers at the Lurie Center. In the state of Massachusetts, a person reaches the age of majority at the age of 18 and can make their own decisions. Guardianship is a court-ordered arrangement in which one person is given the legal authority to make decisions on behalf of another person whom a court has deemed to be “incapacitated.”

For persons with an intellectual disability, Massachusetts requires the completion of a guardianship evaluation and corresponding clinical team report by a team that includes a licensed psychologist, registered physician, and licensed social worker to award guardianship. Medical Certificates are required for those persons without an intellectual disability who still require guardianship. Family support clinicians offer information and guidance on the guardianship process.

*Insurance companies do not typically cover the cost of guardianship evaluations or completion of legal paperwork.

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