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Many people with autism spectrum disorder have restricted interests. Your loved one’s restricted interests are a unique part of them. On this webpage, you will learn how you can use those interests to connect with and support your loved one.

How Can I Use My Loved One's Restricted Interests to Help Them at Home?

There are many ways you can use your loved one’s restricted interests to help them at home:

  • Show interest in what your loved one enjoys. If they feel comfortable, encourage them to share what they love with you, family and friends.
  • Respect your loved one’s preference for enjoying their restricted interests with others or by themselves.
  • Look for teaching moments. For example, if your loved one enjoys a TV show, ask them what is happening and how it relates to their own life or experiences.
  • Encourage back-and-forth communication. Sharing in your loved one’s restricted interests can help them develop conversation and social skills. It can also help them share their own point of view and understand others.

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